Special needs mom

James Rosenquist, White Bread, 1964, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

James Rosenquist, White Bread, 1964, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

My teacher asked me the other day about you. We were making cards. I said that you were a “special needs mom.”  They say that kinda stuff about kids all the time at our school, but I think they mean the moms really.

If I had to pick a painting for you for Mother’s Day, I’d pick this one.

Because of the white bread and butter. The butter stick that you told me I can’t eat like a popsicle. I’m still mad about that, cause I can’t figure out why. It seems like a great idea to me.

I like this painting because it shows the middle part when you make me cinnamon toast — my all-time favorite breakfast. You taught me how to make it myself, but I’d rather have you do it. So I can watch my Lego movie, Clutch Powers.

I’ll try to eat it in the living room when you’re not looking. And I know that’s against the rules. You will probably find the crusts underneath the couch or between the cushions in a month or two, and make a fuss. But I can’t think about that right now cause it tastes sooo good and Clutch Powers is getting eaten by a Lego troll. . .

Happy Mom’s Day.

Your son (and my brothers too, but I think they would pick waffles)

2 Comments on “Special needs mom”

  1. SigO says:

    what a clever post. I guess others might not get it, but you’ve given a voice to a young boy’s heart rather than repeating his boyish words. bravo.

  2. SigO says:

    ha, that skill you displayed above? a “clutch power” haha. not sure if that was intended but either way, rather talented of you, creative mom!

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