Slava Tch, Missing Cloud, Lanning Gallery, Sedona, Arizona

Yes, I am missing a cloud today. I’ve looked for it in several places, the usual ones. But not to be found.

Like I look for my life on a Monday morning, in all the usual places, sometimes not to be found. And I’m jealous of these white houses standing so upright and sure. Confident in themselves and their plans. Smug-happy they made the right decisions. Strutting out red-roofed optimism.

They do not lean in, searching. To find that thing they are missing, the white cloud. But the rest of the painting does. The lake and the horizon pinch together in the middle, pull the hills and trees inward, a landscape search party. Bowed around the center.

Ah here it is. The cloud, blithe floating on the convex lake, off-center. Taking a break. Tired of holding up the sky. Gonna leave that job to the others. Maybe it should have been fog in the first place.

But the land does not release its searching tension. The charcoal sailboat still tilts. Maybe we have found what we were looking for, maybe we haven’t. Here the joy is in the looking.

3 Comments on “Missing”

  1. SigO says:

    I dunno, for me, the joy would reside in being a companion cloud to the first lost cloud that’s not really lost, but is just doing what she wants to do, being who she is, despite the fact that the uppity houses think she should be up in the sky with all the “other good clouds”. Be yourself I say to me and to you and anyone else that will listen, not a man made construct of what they or you or we think you or I should be (disclaimer: pronoun gymnastics are intentional). That’s today’s joy, at least for me. Too bad I have to listen to the houses as the clouds above storm with rain inducing deadlines. Yes, I’m ignoring the painting’s partly sunny, partly cloudy weather forecast, as weatherpersons are rarely right. peace out.

  2. mlsaple says:

    Your posts always make me feel a little better about the world. Thankyou!

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