Small Miracles

Daphne Confar, Vivian thinks it's not gossip, it's background information, 2012, courtesy of William Scott Gallery

Daphne Confar, Vivian thinks it’s not gossip, it’s background information, 2012, courtesy of William Scott Gallery

Vivian is Averly Township’s secret miracle-worker. She doesn’t  trumpet her talent to the whole community of course, just to her close friends. You see Vivian thinks it’s not gossip, its background information.

You’ll meet her at the front desk of Sage Creek Middle School –  she’s been the secretary there for 23 years. “You’d be amazed at the things kids say.”  Occasionally, she adds them to the “prayer chain,” so everyone in town knows “to pray” for Jenny Randall’s (Junie Randall’s older sister) underage drinking or Sam Caldwin’s shoplifting habit.

She’s the first to put two and two together. Which makes her quite the miracle worker.

Like the time when casseroles started appearing unannounced at Lynn Weir’s home. She hadn’t told anyone she’d been diagnosed with cancer, but Vivian knew. Through Alice Beth who found out from little Beth (her niece at the pharmacy) when Lynn filled a prescription for a cancer medicine. This new texting has been a godsend.

Vivian remembered the school nurse giving Bradley Weir new pills – probably antidepressants. Vivian’s husband, (also church finance committee member) told her over oatmeal that the Weir’s had recently stopped their tithing.

It turns out that Lynn picked up the medicine for her mother-in-law (Gwendolyn but also goes by Lynn) to treat her degenerative arthritis, Lynn’s  husband’s recently laid off and Bradley’s freshly diagnosed with ADHD. No cancer. But I’m sure they appreciated the casseroles.

Or the time she conspired to match-make Jane Gregg and Rick Basutos. When they started dating, Vivian prodded the fledgling love at every turn and on the wedding day she congratulated herself with a second slice of cake. They moved away two years ago and Vivian got a Christmas card from Jane mentioning she was now divorced from Rick.

Vivian didn’t tell anyone that.

One Comment on “Small Miracles”

  1. SigO says:

    self-deception creates an unstable foundation. Hope she’s got good insurance, looks like she’s about to fall and break her hip. too bad I don’t do prayer chains.

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