Spoiler alert

Tony Feher, Mediodia 2011

Tony Feher, Mediodia 2011

Guess what this is? Blue painter’s tape masked painstakingly to a window, creating a temporary stained glass effect. Before the installation was peeled off, the artist took a few photos, now available for your walls. I’ll confess, I was disappointed. I would be salivating over this color if a brush made it. It’s magical Chagall-like luminosity.

Tony Feher, Atardecer, 2011

Tony Feher, Atardecer, 2011

Is it less beautiful now that I know it’s common painter’s tape – like the bent roll I have leftover in my garage? Yes.

I do admire the ingenuity. Beauty and ingenuity, generally a winning combo. But for me, the mystery of this piece held its beauty. And clearly, I must love mystery over ingenuity.

I’ve made my Monday list and it’s way too daunting (typical). So I think I’ll transform my small office portal into a blue stained glass window – a worthy Monday diversionary exercise. When the boss asks what I’m doing I’ll say. . .

Tony Feher at work

Tony Feher at work

I have a fascination with consumer products that contain within them both physics and philosophy. There’s no such thing as a straight line—that’s a human construct. . . it doesn’t really exist. There are no straight lines in nature, unless maybe when you get to the molecular level and you’re looking at how molecules bond together. When you get to biology, it’s all lumpy and gooey and amorphous. But when you get to the edge of a piece of tape, you can’t make a straighter line than that. . . And then when you tear the piece off you’ve got the ragged edge, and all of a sudden you’ve got the tension between the molecular-level perfect and the biological ragged edge— Tony Feher

And my guess is, she’ll leave me to it . . .

2 Comments on “Spoiler alert”

  1. michelle says:

    This is so beautiful! I would love to see one done with all the different colors of painters tape. I found http://www.tapesolutionsinc.com has many different colors which normally are used for differentadhesive levels of painters tape but I bet it would make a nice widow art. Excited to try it!

    • heatherit says:

      I used to hate Painter’s tape because I could never get it straight. And the appearance of it signaled a preparatory process that takes waaay too long. Can we get on with painting this room please! But Tony’s creativity has given me a grudging respect for the stuff. Please post picture when your done!

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