Lily Martine Baxter, Bloom Painting (ponderosa), courtesy of the artist

Lily Martine Baxter, Bloom Painting (ponderosa), courtesy of the artist

Missing flowers today, caught in the gaping maw of August here. The ravage heat wastes any precious bloom this time of year. Water is just a wish to save all but desert plants from crusty brown demise.

I think of leaving to a lushlovely, rainy place when the sun takes permanent throne. When 100 degrees is ho-hum and only 50 or more days of  white-hot 100°+ leaves the weather person dry mouthed and sweating for synonyms for hot. Or hotter. Or hottest.  But the clouds hinted at rain this weekend, some wayward drops sprinkled. Plash. A soft pliff here and there. Smell of overheated earth. This painting by Lily Martine Baxter captures the moment.

Where between the sun and the rain, blossoms a fresh cluster of color. The heavens cooled briefly and then the color springs and drizzles. Lavender rivulets and saffron trickles. A color front – precipitation blooming.  Open-mouthed to catch a drop or perhaps a petal.

One Comment on “Sun/shower”

  1. SigO says:

    I wish I could paint like that… and I might try soon…

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