Monday Monday

Franz Kline, Mycenae, 1958

Franz Kline, Mycenae, 1958

Oh you Monday. With your redrush urgent,

your orange streak, next-in-line, get-it-done-before-lunch.

I’m yellow drifting in a little late, weekend hung over

deskchair heaped, haven’t checked emails yet.

your high hot list, citadel efficiency

Getting there,

Soon enough.

Staff mtg doesn’t start for another 5 min.

7 Comments on “Monday Monday”

  1. artfan says:

    splash some green and blue on there and call it a day, a day off…

    • heatherit says:

      Wow! Thanks! Sooo glad you didn’t preface that by, “I don’t mean to be rude but . . .” – some of my recent feedback.
      Checked out your website and it looks fresh, vibrating perhaps. Visual art, writers and my fav, the metaphorical kitchen. Which implies a lovely art smorgasbord and the “kitchen sink” where everything is baptized into purity. And bubbles.

  2. artmoscow says:

    Absolutely love it. Some abstract art works better than most drugs to stimulate imagination )

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