Cloud nine

Jay Gaskill Triple Stacked Mitsubishi 2011

Jay Gaskill, Triple Stacked Mitsubishi, 2011

It’s a Monday morning and I’ve made my list for the week. Every task has its number and the calendars are synced. I’m set for smooth sailing, for a Monday I’m on cloud nine. Lots to do, but manageable for an A+ manager.

Suddenly, I’m quite irritated at the items defying “the List”. Silent, important things.  “You-can’t-check-the-box” things. Be a good parent. Be a decent spouse. Be content. Be Relaxed.

See exhibit A, this painting by Jay Gaskill. Isn’t there supreme order here? I look at the shapes and say, “my they are quite evenly spaced and symmetrical, bravo for imposing some unity and sensibility.”  The colors are a nice mix of both soothing and energetic. A cheery kaleidoscope. Golf clap.

A brain warning light flashes on. Something’s not quite right- can’t seem to put my finger on it. Looking closer now.

Start to study the forms from the white cloud circle pushing outward. Arghh. You realize that this is not a repeating pattern of pleasing colors and shapes like you hoped. Oh no, it’s a carefully constructed chaos. An un-pattern. A deliberation of chaos, disguised as semi-order. Groan.

Grudging, I admit my tidy list is only a paper boat that I hope will float me though this week’s rapids. Maybe tending to the “unlisted” things will keep the unrelenting chaos at bay. Then the bright idea hits me.

“Darling, wouldn’t this pattern make lovely wallpaper for the guest bathroom?”